Controversy over Ethiopian troops in Dhusamareb

Dhusamareb (SD) – There has been a heated debate on social networking sites over the Ethiopian troops deployed in Dhusamareb last few hours.

According to a statement from the National Party Forum, the federal government’s deployment of Ethiopian troops is part of Dhusamareb district, which is expected to elect a new parliament and leadership in Galmudug, and accused the Federal Government of using Ethiopian troops outside of the African Union Mission in Somalia.

MP Abdi hakim Moalim Ahmed, Secretary General of the Himilo National Party, objected to the forum’s claim by saying that there were no troops other than AMISOM in Dhusamareb.

However, MP Mohamed Hussein Odawa, a candidate for the presidency of Galmudug State, posted on his Facebook page that the Somali government plans to use Ethiopian troops on the Galmudug elections, just like they did in Baidoa.

So far, there have been no reports from the Federal and Ethiopian governments on the allegations that Ethiopian troops are intervening in the Galmudug election.

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