Former Puntland Speaker criticizes arrests of traditional elders in Bossaso

Bossaso (SD) – Puntland security forces in Bossaso arrested some traditional elders, who a day before in a press conference criticized President Deni’s administration.

Elders arrested, opposed the administration deals with the United Arab Emirates, and said that the UAE has been strongly looting state resources.

The elders also opposed the relationship between the Puntland state and the federal government of Somalia and the much complained about military deployment in Bossaso.

It is not known how many elders were arrested recently, some of the arrested elders have been released on bail recently.

Bari governor, newly appointed Abdisamad Abwan, has warned elders in the Bari region, saying they will be held accountable.

Former Speaker of the Puntland Parliament, Abdi hakim Mohamed Ahmed (Dhobo) has strongly condemned the arrest of Puntland elders who criticized President Deni.

He added that the Puntland constitution is violated, it stipulates that no one should be arrested for their views, adding that President Deni’s administration has committed many violations.

Puntland authorities didn’t respond to the accusations nor gave details on the arrests of traditional elders in Bossaso.

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