Djibouti and Somaliland clash over the UN’s Fiber Optic cables

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland dismissed the internet cable under the sea coming to Berbera port, after the Djiboutian government claimed one of the areas it runs through includes Berbera.

The internet fiber optic Cables reached Djibouti is this week with lots fan fair, Somtel has monopoly on the cable/internet services in Somaliland, but from Djibouti and through land only, according to the Somaliland Telecommunications Minister.

Telesom Telecommunication, through Hormud has the UN fiber optic internet cables contract and was by passed by the previous Somaliland government through  a shaky law.

According to insiders, Somcable CEO Mohamed Aw Said and the Djibouti government had a recent dispute over the ownership and profits of Somcable, this may be behind the renewed conflict on who is to provide the internet cables to Somaliland.

The sources also mentioned, that Djibouti is now once again by passing Telesom and is using Dahabshiil to bring the internet cable to Berbera and Somcable is organizing an opposition to that move.

It will be interesting to see who prevails, Somcable or Dahabshiil who has packing from Djibouti, who all have leverage over the Kulmiye ruling coalition, either way, president Bihi and Somaliland’s hard fought independence has the most to loose, despite who prevails.  

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