Wadani Party Demands Removal of Two Election Commission Members

Hargeisa(SD)-Chairman of the House of Representatives Baashe Mohamed Farah said Wadani party had complained about members of the new electoral commission.

He also mentioned that  Wadani party halted the nomination of their electoral commission member until both of those members were excluded from the commission’s list.

The chairmanship of the House of Representatives was presented  the seven new Election Commission members, nominated by the three parties, the Senate and the President, however, Wadani Party had accused the two members the president nominated of not being neutral.

This will a news source of disagreement and a drawback, delaying the expected election in the coming months.

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  1. I really cant understand the objective of our president regarding the election, how a patriot person who bleed for this country act in a such a way, not once or twice but many times over and over again, the latest ignorant act is the three nominees for the electoral commission. three nominees which are clearly unfit legally to be members of that commission, the first one was a member of kulmiye government and serverd as a state minister, the second one is a young man who has neither the experiance nor the name recocnition and also is a government employee at the presedintioal ministry, and the third person is already a member of the electreal commission which was the main problem in the prevuios election. I had really big expectation when Mr.muse was elected, I had faith in him but today I’am starting to loose that faith.

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