Somaliland Government explains HCTV Arrests and blockade, while a Hargeisa court rejected listening to the case

Hargeisa(SD)-A press release issued today by the Somaliland Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication, said it closed on HCTV on Monday, After broadcasting false information, and violating Somaliland Press Law No. 27/2004.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Information, it was highlighted that HCTV has published inaccurate and misleading information, contrary to the Somaliland Press Law No. XERER No. 27/2004 and a memorandum of understanding recently signed by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication on behalf of the Government of Somaliland and the independent TV stations agreeing that the media should balance the information they are broadcasting in the country and avoid broadcasting false news.

In addition, the Information Authorities asserted that HCTV violated Articles 13 and 19 of the Media Convention on the Search for Truth and Balance in news.

As a result, the Ministry of Information confirmed to SOLNA News Agency that there were no other reasons for the editor’s arrest and the blockade of HCTV Television, for non-compliance with the Press and Communication Act.

Sources tell us that prior to minister of information releasing the statement, the Hargeisa court rejected the governments narrative.

It’s a blow to the government and a win for freedom of speech defenders in Somaliland.

Somaliland has recently revered back to an authoritarian state when it comes to freedom of the speech ever since Muse Bihi took office.

The country has seen an uptick in journalist arrest and blockade of multiple media houses.


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