Report: Tawfik mosque is dispute over tribalism among Somalis

Oslo (SD) – The Norwegian government has issued a preliminary report on a dispute over a Somali run mosque in Oslo that recently had its financial support suspended by Norway.

The Norway report has confirmed that the controversy at the Tawfik mosque has its root in clan issues among Somalis.

The report says the two groups fighting over the mosque have no support from the Somali people, and they want both to be removed.

The report says conflicting reports between submitted by the two rival factions over the mosque was reason for the cancellation of the government’s financial support for the mosque, totaling 7.8 kr million.

Tawfik is the largest Muslim mosque in Norway, according to the number of Muslims affiliated with it is around 8000.

The Norwegian government has announced that it will soon announce the proper administration of the mosque.

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