Ethiopia arrests two of the militiamen who attacked Borama police station

Borama(SD)-The Ethiopian government has arrested two of the gunmen who attacked Borama police station in Awdal region. Sources.

After the operation was carried out some of the militiamen crossed the Ethiopian border, and were arrested after the Ethiopians authorities conducted an operation.

According to the report, the Somaliland government yesterday called on Ethiopia to hand over its two members.

The group, which is said to be let by Sultan Wabar, carried out a limited operation without causing any casualties, and was the first operation since President Bihi took control of Somaliland in 2017.

Somaliland is as it should is in this case holding the Ethiopians to the security agreement it has with Somaliland.

Somaliland should also move to hold Ethiopians to the commercial bipartisan agreements between the two countries next.

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