Somali Government responds to Coronavirus scare in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (SD) – The Federal government of Somalia in a new press release about the deadly disease Coronavirus has denied that people with the virus have been allowed to entry Mogadishu.

 According to the ministry’s report, there is no risk of the disease to the public so far or a concern about the possibility of a reaching Somalia.

The statement also said that no one who didn’t go through the procedures to check the infection gained entrance to the country.

“Citizens and foreigners who have been declared to be safe and are in the country will be monitored by the Department of Health and through the proper registration and verification process”. Said the statement.

The health ministry also announced that a special commission had been appointed to work on Coronavirus-related issues, which it said had links to international health organizations.

The Somali government urged all media and the public to get their coronavirus related news from the Ministry of Health only.

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