Ethiopian Airlines Cancels Flights to Mogadishu but not to Hargeisa

Addis Ababa (SD) – Ethiopian Airlines has announced a list of countries that it will not be flying to and those it will, as the world faces the threat of the Coronavirus.

Ethiopian Airlines says it has canceled flights to many countries including Somalia after the government announced it had canceled all international flights exempting Somaliland.

The Airliner’s flights to Somaliland appears to be challenging the Somali federal government’s ban and control of the country’s airspace.

“The normal flights to Somaliland will remain the same as Somaliland airports are operating regularly.” Ethiopian Airlines said in a statement.

The Somali government has already banned all international flights, including flights from Ethiopia, while Somaliland, which claims to be an independent country has not stopped Ethiopian flights.

The Ethiopian Airlines decision comes as the Somali PM Hassan Kheyre is in Addis Ababa and its not clear whether he will address the issue or not.

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