Nepotism Exposed: Whistle blowers fired from Somaliland National Service program

Hargeisa(SD)-The director of the Somaliland National Service, Mohamed Hussein (Mu’addin), has fired four young men who exposed an alleged nepotism to the media, accusing them of disobeying the rules and regulations of the national service program in an attempt to shame them.

“The four youths who spoke to the media yesterday, broke the rules and regulations of the national service program, so they were excluded from the national employment program,” the director said.

The national Service initiative launched by Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi had received support and praise from the Somaliland public.

The controversy started when China-based Singabure, a Berbera-based oil refinery has interviewed people who were not part of the National Employment Program for work secretly and integrated them into National Youth Service.

Initially, director Muadin told the public and participants that there would be 400 positions, then later interviewed 300, yet never explained the discrepancy.

That prompted four National service members to take it to the media about the secret interviews.

Singapore is represented by the son of President of the Republic of Somaliland Mohamed Muse Bihi, who studied in China and a business man in the same family as the president.

Yet, it is said that Mohamed Muse and Faysal-Buste, are in collaboration with National Program Chairman Mohamed Mu’dan to pull 100 from the 400 positions available.

Both Somaliland opposition parties have condemned the firing and the way the administration manipulated the interview process. they also warned against their clan-based selection of candidates.

Exposed Nepotism: Whistle blowers fired from Somaliland National Service program

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