Pres. Bihi ignores to address burning national issues

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi attended a ceremony to celebrate 16th class graduation of the University of Hargeisa.

President Bihi’s speech was strongly expected by the public to be focused on addressing the political situation in the country, with particular focus on the issue of a former National Army officer Col. Arre, whose government appointed clan leaders left the reconsiliation delegation committee, after the National Army Chief of Staff Noah Ismail Tani proposed to court marshal Col. Arre.

Somaliland’s people and observers were also looking at the president’s response to the other comment of the National Army commander Noah Ismail Tani, regarding the Sanag Army defections to Puntland, that further deepened the political divisions in the country.

Citizens have been waiting for the president of Somaliland to address the abandoned resolution of the national parties’ agreement on election disputes, which collapsed before the House of Representatives and the parliament suspending the agreement.

Somaliland President Muse Bihi did not comment on those and other current political situations in the country as was expected to.

It is not clear if the President has an opinions or a solutions to these issues, or whether he agrees with the handling of these issues.

it’s is a political cowards, as a president, not to at least acknowledge these potentially dangerous issues.


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