Farmajo’s Expensive Selfie with Trump

NY(SD)-President Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and the First Lady Zaynab Abdi Moalim attended a reception hosted by US President Donald Trump for the leaders attending the 74th United Nations.

The leaders of the international community are currently in the United States, especially Yew York, in order to attend the Security Council meeting.

The President of Somalia who recently denounced his US citizenship in order to attend the UN meeting in NY has only gotten a Selfie with Trump to show for that move.

Both Presidents are currently marred in constitutional controversy in their respective countries.

President Trump is facing an Impeachment investigation for constitutional violations for asking help a foreign country in investigating an political opponent.

While, Pres. Farmajo himself is in hot water after his government has obstructed former President in attending an inauguration in Kismayo, which opposition are calling a constitutional violation.

President Farmajo did not get a chance as an equal to discuss issues of interest with President Trump, and there are a lot the two countries should discuss.

Pres. Farmajo’s first trip to the US were he had naturalized citizenship seems poorly organized, in terms of the lack of tangible results in his “side bar” meetings with some of the leaders he met.

Farmajo and his wife at least now has a Selfie for sentimental value, the country has only his expenses to show for.


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