Somalia discusses national development plan without Somaliland

Mogadishu(SD)-A consultative meeting between the Somali Ministry of Planning and regional governments focused on the National Development Plan.

The National Development Council meeting’s discussions revolved around the preparation of a major development plan is about to conclude, and it’s results will go before the Council of Ministers to impliment.

According to the plan, it includes, the international assistance policy for Somalia, the development of the country, resources, product development, road construction, infrastructure, youth employment, business investment, water management and governance.

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Jamal Mohamed Hassan said the plan is a lot different than it was before, as it is now based on the needs of the country.

The Council of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia has approved the National Plan process in November 2018, which is expected to be operational in the next five years.

It was just couple of days ago that the federal government of Somalia gave the regional states, without Somaliland a million dollars each.

This according to Somali political analyst is an acknowledgement of the Somalia government that Somaliland is not part of the regional states of Somalia.


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  1. It looks that Mogadishu has now seen the light. The fact remains that, the people of Somaliland had never been citizens of SOMALIA which was the name known for that of the world prior to July 1960. If they conclude a workable development plan for Somalia, we wish them good luck. Somaliland has been engaged in implementing its own development plans ever since it reclaimed its sovereignty in 1991.

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