Federalist MPs criticize Puntland President

Garowe(SD)-Members of the Puntland regional parliament held a press conference in Garowe, accusing President Said Abdullahi of failing to lead the administration.

Lawmakers said that during his nine-month term in office, all his actions had been contrary to his mandate, and he had not kept his promises during the election.

The Puntland authorities also accused them of leading the collapse of the federal system in Somalia by dismissing the allegations against the Federal Government that it is against the federal system.

They said that a few days ago ministers from the federal government went to see the Puntland presidents, but all decisions they made in resolving the conflict between the government and Puntland had been made without consultations with MPs and traditional elders.

Parliamentarians also condemned and saddened by the arrest of former politician Muse Ali Jama in Bossaso who opposed and criticized the president’s administration.

Lawmakers concluded that Puntland that there is a need to open a debate on the president’s performance, now in at the capital city of the Jubaland regional administration Kismayo.

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