Former Interior Minister Gabose expresses concern over Somaliland situation

Hargeisa(SD)-Former Somaliland interior minister Dr Mohamed Abdi (Gaboose) has strongly criticized President Bihi’s administration, saying that if nothing is done, the country is at risk of further isolation.

He also noted that there are politicians who are in control of the country as a group, and that it is only for the benefit of that group, and that the country is at its worst.

Politician Mohamed Abdi (Gabboose), who has been out of Somaliland politics for a long time, has today shared with the media his concerns about the way the country is governed and the government’s misguided government.

Gabose is a prominent Somali Doctor and has held various positions in Somaliland, he has long retired from politics, but today says he has risen to the situation in the country and says he wants to help.

When the Doctor was asked if he is challenging the Wadani party leader Irro, he said no, Wadani is controlled and owned by that man.

Which begs the question, isn’t the presidency “owned” by a man, and by his logic, why would he seem to be challenging him?.

Furthermore, when did Dr. Gabose resign from his Wadani central seat and become an independent politician.

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