Sanaag: Two clans resolve on a four-year conflict

Elafweyn(SD)-The elders and Intellectuals of Elafweyn district of Sanaag region voluntarily agreed to end their ongoing inter-clan clashes.

Scholars, intellectuals and elders in the region have decided to reconcile the four-year war between the two clans.

They told the government that whoever they saw as a threat to peace should be arrested.

The agreement process, which has been in place for a while in Elafweyn, has been welcomed today with a massive rally in which communities live together agree on settling any disputes that have arisen during their conflict.

Also in attendance were government officials, military officials, students and members of the public from various parts of the country who participated in the ceasefire signing by the two warring families.

Previous peace agreement attempts by Somaliland Senators, the army and many others did not hold, those efforts fell short due to the sides not being ready for peace as they are now.

On the other hand, the Somaliland government welcomed the peace between the two warring clans and said that the elders had been meeting with the government during their mediations, while the government was supporting and promoting peace.

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