Galmudug State sends strong warning to Puntland

Galmudug (SD) – Galmudug’s New Speaker Osman Isse Nur accused the former Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama leadership as being Individuals with self-interest and no goals.

He urged the people of Galmudug to adapt to the new system of Galmudug and to forget the previous administration of Ahlu Sunna in order to achieve Galmudug progress.

The spokesman declared that they would not accept any demonstrations or things that would cause insecurity but said that civilians should be independent of who they support.

On the other hand, the Galmudug spokesman, speaking about Ahlu Sunna leader’s visit to Garowe, said he was not concerned by the welcoming the Ahlu Sunna leadership received but said that Puntland was never pleased with the formation of an inclusive Galmudug state.

Finally, he warned Puntland in intervene in Galmudug’s affairs, saying that if they do not stop, the people of Galmudug will consider in how to react.

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