Somali government suspends flights to Kismayo

Kismayo(SD)-The Somali Civil Aviation Authority has announced that flights to and from Kismayo Airport have been suspended.

The decision read that from 23 September to 26 September, flights to Kismayo were canceled, and any time after that flights will resume.

The reason for the cancelled flights to Kismayo has not been announced, but it comes as Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe is set to be inaugurated on 26 September.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority on 29 August ordered that all flights to and from Kismayo airport be through Mogadishu.

Former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has been blocked in  travel to Kismayo, and some of the regional States and political parties have condemned the governments actions.

The Federal Government of Somalia has said in the past that it doesn’t recognize Jubbaland’s election of President Ahmed Madobe.

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