Hargeisa Mayor Judgment questioned by Somalilanders everywhere

Hargeisa(SD)-The mayor of Hargeisa Abdirahman Soltelco in an interview with HCTV made disparaging comments about the unfortunate conditions Mogadishu residents find themselves.

“The cat in Hargeisa today is more lucky than the person who lives in Mogadishu, reecentlly the fire brigade was rescuing a cat in a toilet, everyday there is an explosion in Mogadishu and life is of a little value” said the Mayor.

The Mayor who has been criticized for lack of development in Hargeisa recently by the public.

It’s not know if the Mayor made the comment to distract those who oppose him, or he exercised poor judgment.

Either way, the comment were seen by Somalilanders insensitive to the blight of Mogadishu people.

There are calls for Mayor Abdirahman Soltelco to apologies for his insensitive comments.


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