Heavy fighting reported in Kismayo

Kismayo (SD) – Heavy fighting erupted in parts of Kismayu between members of the Jubaland administration armed forces and militias loyal to Abdunnasir Serar, who had previously claimed to be the president of Jubaland.

Reports from Kismayo say the fighting started after supporters of Abdinasir Serar tried to hold a protest against the Jubaland administration led by Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe).

It is not yet known the casualties caused by the fighting, and Abdinasir Serar is said to reside in the area, which is also home to the Jubaland Parliament.

The fighting erupted as the US Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto was meeting with Jubaland’s president Ahmed Madobe at the airport.

The situation is tense in Kismayo as the two armies are still facing each other and could easily clash again, as residents express fears of continued fighting between the two sides.

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