How Hassan Gure Helped BBC reporter Elizabeth Blunt Expose Atrocities in Hargeisa

Hassan Gure Jama, Yet Another Somaliland Hero Lost

Hargeisa (SD) – In February of 1982, most Somaliland cities were burning due to the civil uprising against the former dictator of Somalia Siyad Barre’s decision to sentence the self help youth group (UFFO) of Hargeisa to death.

At that time, the former government of Somalia imposed international
media ban in Somaliland, in an effort to prevent news of atrocities committed by the regime be reported.

Luckily, former BBC correspondent Elizabeth Blunt who was on her way to London via Djibouti, had her flight passed through Hargeisa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland.

At that time Elizabeth Blant was interested in knowing what was going on in Hargeisa. But no one had the courage to escort her to town, due to fears of certain prosecution by the regime.

Despite all odds, a young man from Hargeisa, by the name of
Hassan Gure Jama, had the needed courage. After a short chat with Elizabeth Blant, he agreed to escort her to town, where school children were demonstrating against the dictatorial regime.

Thanks to Mr. Gure, Elizabeth made it to the center of town, allowing the reporter to file the story.

Elizabeth Blant was later nicknamed Amina Sheikh, due to her great
reporting on the inhumane activities taking place in Hargeisa at that time.

Subsequently Mr. Gure went on to joined the Somali National Movement, a liberation force that later ensured Somaliland to regain its independence.

Sahafi newspaper spoke with Elizabeth Blant in 2012, about efforts to bring her back to Somaliland, both Mr. Gure and Late Secretary General of Somaliland Journalist association were planning to give her a heroic award for her report in 1982, but it never happen due to technical problems.

Mr. Hassan Guure, has sadly passed away last night in Somaliland, after more than 35 years struggle for the betterment of his people, may allah rest his soul in heaven, aamiin

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