ISCO Concerned Over Controversy in Somaliland’s New Electoral Commission

Hargeisa(SD)-The Alliance for Independent Societies (ISCO) has suggested that the disputed electoral commission members resign, and has made recommendations to the president and opposition parties.

Independent civil society organizations (ISCO) expressed concern over the delay in Somaliland’s elections, and suggested that Somaliland’s democracy shouldn’t be destroyed and that population should find new members to represent them in the national assembly.

“ISCO is concerned about the democratization of Somaliland, it is a democratic country, but it has violated its constitution and disregarded elections held in the House of Representatives, Senate and local councils in the past,” their statement read.

Independent community organizations made the following recommendations:

If the parties to which you are holding electing for do not trust your capability, it is advisable that members who are contested should resign from their positions.

We urge the opposition parties to make a commitment to hold elections on time and to highlight the values of democracy.

We urge the president and the ruling party to respect the constitution and the rule of law and to respect the public’s need to vote in order to find a new representative in the national asemply.

They should also address the opposition’s complaints to the electoral commission, come up with a new creative ideas that prioritizes holding elections to end the postponement of elections.

Suggested that civil society organizations play a vital role in making this country a democratic state and safeguarding its laws. We urge the Somaliland parliament to respect the rule of law and the constitution; Respect the people who elected you in 2005 and support the efforts to find new members.

To sit in parliament without a vote is against the constitution, and it questions Somaliland’s democracy and the legitimacy of the country’s institutions. We urge members of Parliament to respect democracy and leave their seats.

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