Journalist Fodhadhi Arrested in Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland police arrested freelance journalist Khalid Fodhadhi in Hargeisa last night, according to sources present at his arrest.

The arrest took place at the journalist home in Hargeisa, right after he finished eating his Iftar, added the source.

There is confusion as to why the journalist was arrested at this time, without any charge or explanation.

The director of the Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) said that the arrest was related to family issues, but provided no source for his claim.

“Journalist Fodhadhi is in custody, he was arrested at Iftar time Friday. He is held for family issue which has nothing to do with his journalism activities” said the SOLJA director Yahye Hanas.

The SOLJA director continued “ We hope that he will soon be able to regain his freedom and return to his work”.

The Director concluded with this ominous statement “Please be careful about spreading false information”.

The Somaliland authorities didn’t address the arrest of the journalist.

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