Kenya expresses concern over UN position on Jubbaland election

Nairobi(SD)-The Kenyan government has expressed its concerns over a letter issued by the United Nations Secretary General for Somalia, James Swan, on November 17th regarding the election of Jubaland’s president.

In a letter from Kenya’s foreign ministry said that the Kenyan government is concerned that James Swan has come up with new conditions for the Jubaland presidential election, although the electoral commission has fulfilled previous international commitments.

The letter stated that the Jubbaland electoral commission, while facing serious challenges, has assured that the election will be impartial and reliable.

The United Nations Representative in a letter to the Jubaland Electoral Commission last week said that the outcome of the Jubaland presidential election would not be fully supported, unless changes were made in the electoral process demanded by the international community.

In addition, the government of Nairobi has called on the international community to work with the Somali federal government to support the Jubaland Election Commission so that the Jubaland electoral process comes to a successful end.

Kenya’s call comes at a time when several candidates, including the incumbent president of Jubbaland, addressed the new Jubbaland Parliament in a presidential speech.

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