UN ” There are Kenyan women taken as sexual slaves and forced marriage in Somalia”

A report by the United Nations says there are large numbers of Kenyan women being held in Somalia in forced marriages and sexual slavery.

The report added that women in particular are from Kenya’s coastal cities, being exposed to false expectations and non-existent job opportunities, but instead are being forced into an unhappy marriage and being held only by sexual slavery.

In particular, the report accuses Al-Shabaab of abducting women from their areas by making promises and hiring them.

According to the report by the UNODC, in 2017, many women from the coastal regions of Kenya were taken into Somalia, especially in areas controlled by Al-Shabaab.

The report blames al-Shabaab for trafficking women for sexual slavery and forcing children they stole from their parents into war.

Ahlu Sunna Waljama ‘a,  The Federal Government and other armed insurgents are said to also use minors in wars, although they are smaller in number than those used by al-Shabaab.

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