Lack of Khat in Hargeisa for two days

Hargeisa(SD)-In the last two days, Somaliland’s cities had no Khat the unprecedented crisis arose after riots broke out in the streets of their cities and the roads wee blocked.

In the absence of the Khat, there was a crowds of people on the streets with no way to get around, they markets and shouted in the streets, just to past time.

Similarly, the lack of access to Khat, in Hargeisa restaurants had benefitted from an increased influx of patrons, also locally grown Khat farmers are seen making lots profits from the shortage.

Khat from Kenya known as Mirow was brought in droves to Hargeysa from Lasanod, which is the only jurisdiction Mirow is used in Somaliland.

A kilo of Mirow was going for $150 before and yesterday it was going for $ 300 yesterday, with long queue at the only selling site opposite the main jail in Hargeisa.

The Somaliland is said to receive a large amount in taxation and it is the second highest revenue just ahead of the port of Berbera;

Ethiopia is said to benefits largely in the Khat industry, it made about $524 from Khat consumption.

Khat is known to be the cause of a national health and wealth crises, and what is needed is a political leadership that could take on the industry.

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