ONLF “we will relinquish the name of the Ogaden if it is deemed as a solution

Jigjiga(SD)-ONLF Chairman Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman said the struggle is not for the benefit of one tribe alone, adding that they will give up the name Ogaden if it is seen as a solution.

Addressing elders and intellectuals from the Somali regional government, he urged them to bring forward any name they consider to be better than the current ONLF.

“We have no special interest in the ONLF or Ogaden, our fight is to secure the rights of the local community, not a particular tribe that we serve, you are the elders and you can be asked to bring in a good name if there is one, we want you to understand.” said Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman.

The name of the ONLF is considered by many to represent a particular clan even though senior officials of the organization say it stands for liberation and their rights in the Somali region.

The group has signed a ceasefire agreement with the Ethiopian government, which it has been fighting for a long time.


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