Lawmaker and Somalia region president exchange heated dialog

Mogadishu (SD) – South-western President Abdulaziz Hassan Mohamed (Laftagaren) and Mahad Salad a member of the Somali Federal Parliament have enchanted tribal statements recently.

President Laftagaren who spoke at a ceremony to mark the 1st anniversary of the election in Baidoa, said every day he hears people lying about Southwest, and saying that there has been a massacre in Baidoa, and its individuals from areas that have been killing people southwest.

The president also said that politicians in Mogadishu who make daily remarks would not tolerate be tolerated, while they hide the people of Southwestern who were killed in Galkayo.

Galmudug lawmaker and opposition member Mahad Salad, responded to President Laftagaren’s comment on his Facebook page. He said in a statement on his Facebook page that President Laftagaren blamed the killing of people from Southwest in Galkayo on his clan and it is unfortunate and gross.

He also said that al-Shabaab and murderers actions are both unacceptable, and if not, then their clans bear the consequences.

“I tell you, President, if you link us to the killers of Galkayo, we will link you with to the al-Shabaab who are killing our people every day in Mogadishu.” said Mahad Salad.

In recent years, clan politics have risen to a new high in Somali politics, with tribalism being the root of Somalia woes.

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