Man confesses to raping young Asha Elias

Garowe(SD)-The judges of the Puntland high court today started listening the charge of rape and murder of Elias Adam, however, it all came to a different end when a man confessed to the crime.

Abdifatah Abdirahman Warsame said he had participated in the rape of Asha, and that he had “Sex” once, he said the incident was with another man, who has not yet been arrested and taken to the court.

“Today Abdifatah Abdirahman Warsame has admitted to raping Aisha once, there were lots of investigations before, but now he admitted the aggression”, said Mohamed Hared, the deputy attorney general of Puntland.

A third suspect, who was brought to court today, said he had no involvement in the rape and murder of Aisha.

The rape case has been going on for nearly 6 months, with today’s high court hearing the first of its kind.

At the end of February this year Asha’s body was found in Galkayo after being abducted there.

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