Somaliland: Central Bank Governor Ali Baghdadi constructing huge properties in Hargeisa + Photos

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland Central Bank Governor Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi, who has been in charge of the Bank for over a year, has already started building big houses in Hargeisa.

Governor of the Somaliland Bank Baghdadi who used to reside in Canada was named Governor in April 2018, seems to have already started construction of a modern high rises in Hargeisa.

Reports suggest that central bank governor Ali Baghdadi was given $ 500,000 by the president of Somaliland, which was intended for the governor to use the funds to get his clan whom the majority are in the opposition to support the government.

According to the reports, widely distributed by the local media, there were other funds available to finance the capture of Arre’s militias.

He has set up a large two-storey condos for sleeping hotels and commercial establishments with security guards, while concealing his ownership of the properties.

African countries have often been known for appointing officials who in turn build huge malls for business or pleasure, while Somaliland officials have been accused of corruption after short-term appointment, among other things, building expensive homes and buying expensive cars. , which is because there is no credible accountability.

President Muse Bihi Abdi has previously said he is fighting corruption but this proves he has no intention of addressing corruption despite previous ministers taking office over widespread corruption allegations.

Finally, the Somaliland public, including the poor, some of whom have not been able to afford to eat for some days of the week, see funds stolen by government officials often is coming from the poorest citizens.

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