Meet the EU Traditional leader in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland appears to have plunged into political turmoil following the death of Haji Abdi Warbe less than two years ago.

The country can’t seem to find its famous dialog footings since his passing and there has been no one who could step up to fill his shoes.

We are currently witnessing an individual who is rising above the crowd in terms of his efforts to resolve issues in Somaliland.

The national party’s agreement to resolve the election commission dispute of the last two years is a prime example of the EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga’s achievement in this regard.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the International Book Fair in Hargeisa on 20 July 2019, the ambassador joked being a European Union traditional elder in Somaliland.

Though the ambassador was seemingly joking at the time he made the comment, but now appears to have transformed his jokes into action and will be the European Union traditional Chief of Somaliland.

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