Minister Godah Barre: Education in Puntland is hijacked and we will liberate it

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali education minister Abdullahi Godah Barre held a press conference in Turkey, has accused Private individuals in Hijacking Puntland’s education system.

“Puntland’s education is hijacked, parents and students know about it, I know that the Puntland education minister has nothing to do with the implementation of education policy,” said minister Godah.

Minister Godah verbally attacked some of Puntland’s former education ministers and Senator Abdirahman Farole, accusing them of preventing Puntlanders in sharing with the Somali people.

The Somalia Minister of Education, speaking angrily, said that the federal government wouldn’t waver in its decision on not giving diplomas to students from Puntland, if they do not participate the federal exams.

He accused Puntland of politicizing education, when it failed its political opposition to the federal government of Somalia.

The ministers rant was a response to allegations from Puntland regarding High School diplomas and the state government’s constitutional rights in administrating them.

Punt did not yet respond to the latest accusations from the federal minister of education.

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