Pres. Deni strongly defends decision to transfer Bosaso airport

Garowe(SD)-The President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, has said that the Bossaso airport has been handed over to the UAE-based company.

Although the Puntland President did not name the Company, he expressed confidence that the company will have the financial strength to invest in the airport and attract international flights to Puntland.

President Deni, on the other hand, defended the decision to hand over control of the Bossaso airport, saying the country needed investment to develop no matter were it comes from. 

President Deni’s statement comes as the funding for the Port of Bosaso, now managed by DP-World, has not yet begun.

some criticize that the Emarat should be handed over to Bosaso airport, although the government’s alleged investment in the Bosaso port was delayed by the killing of the director of Bosaso’s DP-World, Paul Farmosa.

It’s not yet know if the Federal Government of Somalia will support the move, given it never gave it’s blessings to DP World takeover of Bossaso port.


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