Somali Cabinet approves 9th National Development Plan

Mogadishu(SD)-The Cabinet of Ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia met in Mogadishu today and adopted the ninth national development plan submitted to the council by the ministry of planning, investment and economic development.

The ninth national development plan to replace the eighth national development plan by the end of this year, will make it easier for Somalia to secure its debt forgiveness, and it will also lead the country to economic growth and poverty reduction during the next five years (2020-2024).

The aim of the ninth national development plan is to reduce poverty and inequality through inclusive economic growth, job creation, security improvements, law and order and the strengthening of political stability in the country.

The Ministry of Planning, in preparation for the national development plan, launched on December 19, 2018, has consulted with regional governments, parliamentarians, and all sections of the community and added recommendations for national development over the next five years.

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