President Bihi militarizes policing in Somaliland as Wadani partisans miss the big picture

Hargeisa(SD)-President Muse Bihi has appointed the commander of the Somaliland police force to Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Dabagalle, and Deputy Brigadier General Abdi Hassan Mire Farah.

The new commander of the Brigadier General, Mohamed Adan Dabagalle, was part of the Somaliland military who was transferred to the police force.

The move signals a turn for militarizing the force amid a turbulent times in the country.

The Wadani supporters who are too quick to congratulate the appointed commissioner , stand to loose the most, as they are the primary targets.

Their clannish support for the General will bite them in the rear end as the Police commissioner shows his true colors.

Somaliland at this moment needed not a military commander as their commissioner, rather needed someone who understood the Policing needs of the country.

A commissioner who doesn’t answers to the president only, and until Somaliland Police chiefs are accountable to the public, we will have to face yet another crony who kowtows to the president only.

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