President Bihi pardons rebel troops, not Col. Arre

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland President Muse Bihi met today with the Sanaag region peace delegates, who were negotiating with both the government and Colonel A’rere.

President Bihi said that he pardoned the rebel soldiers except Colonel Arre, who he said was a senior officer who needs to face the law.

The president’s meeting with this delegation was convened in order to ensure peace in the Sanag region. and jointly support peace and stability in the region, with the President accepting forgiving and nationalizing the rebel troops who have been involved in anti-peace activities.

Finally, the president praised the Sanaag region’s peace delegation for their hard work and perseverance and its commitment to lasting peace in the Sanaag region, stressing that they should stand together to solve the violence in El-Afweyn.

Colonel Said Arre, who leads the insurgents in the mountains of Sanaag region, dismissed the agreement reached between President Muse Bihi and the traditional leaders.

“It does not apply to me and that doesn’t matter and the elders are not my parents, I am not talking about the president, because I am the President” Colonel Arrere told Sahantv.

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