President Deni met with Darwiish army officials

Garowe (SD) – The President of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, has visited the command of the Puntland Darwish force in Garowe, where third batch of the Presidential Battalion are going under their training.

President Deni gave a speech to the army and promised that his administration would focus on improving the army, in terms of their training, salary and engagement, though he described it as a daunting task.

Deni urged the training forces to learn more about the military officers who arrived in central Somalia, as part of the reconstruction of Puntland forces.

Meanwhile, the Puntland president held a special meeting with the Darwiish army officials, the Puntland Army Reconstruction Commission, and military advisors.

It was just yesterday when some of the Puntland forces went on strike and complained about lack of pay and that the administration failed to fulfill its promise to pay them.

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