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Somaliland FM embarrassed by internal misinformation

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland Foreign Minister Yasin Haji Mohamud Faraton said that Somaliland’s various national information is unstructured and contradictory and has caused embarrassment to government officials many times to explain the country’s information.

The Minister Opened the General Data Collective Conference attended by ministers, directors, academics and other dignitaries, has explains the need for a unified Somaliland information.

“The topic we are sitting here today has been a very important topic for the government and I am very grateful to the government for putting forward this idea, it is a necessity, it is something that everyone in our government is experiencing problems with and we have no unified information, we have always encountered contradictions and misinformation about our country whether in the world or in the information we are conveying or how we report on our country and it is really a impressment, this conference is about educating ourselves and pointing out how to collect a common database of our country. .” he said.

This a move forward by the FM of Somaliland only pointing out short comings like that can bring about changes needed.

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