President’s of Djibouti and Somalia fail in Local and international politics

Mogadishu(SD)-Djiboutian and Somali presidents, Ismail Omar Guelleh and Mohamed Farmajo, have tried to co-operate with anti-Kenya policies, regionally and internationally, but have failed.

The two failed presidents, set out to dominate the local and international political bodies.

The Djibouti president’s initial targets were Eretria, with a land dispute and Somaliland, for bringing multi-party political democracy and a business challenge via Berbera port, and it’s international trade implications.

The Somalia president is engaged in a Maritimes raw with Kenya and it also supports Jubaland and other local governments that disagree with the federal policies.

The Somalia and Djibouti presidents thought if they join forces they can corner their foes in the Horn of Africa.

First, president Guelleh campaigned with the help of Farmajo, in securing the Security Council African seat.

And when he failed miserably, Ismail Omar Guelleh doubled down and pulled the Arab and Muslim card, to no avail.

While the Somalia president went after the IGAD chairmanship position, in order to pressure his opponents.

President Farmajo thought he can Woo the Prime Minster of Ethiopia, in getting behind his quest in becoming the IGAD chairman, but Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the end decided to Support President Uhuru Kenyatta.

African leaders also decided to Support Kenya in it’s UN ambitions instead of supporting Djibouti president and his shortsighted political vision.

Both presidents failed miserably in their efforts to achieve these goals.

Hopefully, these missteps will serve as a cautionary tale, for politicians scheming to under mind the very same people whom they swore to represent, and seek ill guided support elsewhere.

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