Puntland coast frees a hijacked ship from pirates

Bossaso (SD)-Somali pirates have released a large oil tanker with eight Sri Lankan crew members captured, days ago.

Puntland navy has managed to free the ship after it pressured the pirates to release it, according to John Steed, an officer with the maritime security organization.

Puntland Coast Guard has previously threatened to use military force if negotiations are not successful.

The pirates seized the Aris 13 on Monday as it left Djibouti on their way to Mogadishu.

It is the first large merchant ship to be hijacked by pirates since 2012. Steed said the Aris 13 ship, which is currently under the control of Puntland’s coast guard, was anchored at the port of Bossaso.

There is no further details on the ship’s release requirements. Abdirahman Mohamud Haji Hassan, director general of the Puntland Maritime Force, said the Puntland navy and a group of pirates exchanged ammunition before the ship was freed from the pirates.

The ship has not followed the best ways designed to avoid piracy attacks, it is said to have been traveling in a low-speed and without security guards.

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