Puntland Election Commission Certifies 17 political Associations

Garowe (SD) – The Puntland Transitional National Electoral Commission (IEBC) on Thursday announced 17 political associations officially registered with the electoral commission since the process started three months ago.

Chairman of the Election Commission, Gulled Salah Barre, said the registered associations will move to the second phase of the process, which is to hold their conference, open offices in at least six districts and to submit a total of 1,800 members.

The chairman of the electoral commission said they have certified these associations, commending them for meeting the first criteria.

The Puntland president has also registered a political association of his own, and its to include the cabinet and lots of parliamentarians.

Other prominent politicians including some presidential hopefuls are said to have registered their political associations.

Puntland has failed twice the implementation of multi-party system, the current administration continues to face the same challenges, these include the lack of a constitutional court, districts borders and the disarmament of the public.

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