Puntland parliament fires former parliamentary speaker

Garowe (SD)- Puntland’s parliament has today removed the parliamentary seat of former Puntland parliament speaker Abdi hakim Mohamed Ahmed (Dhobo-Dared), after a motion was passed.

39 lawmakers voted unanimously to remove member privileges of the former speaker accused of interfering with the unity and existence of Puntland.

A single member of the Puntland parliament, Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril the current speaker, abstained from the motion and all other 40 members of parliament voted to remove Dhobo Dared.

Abdi hakim Dhobo is currently in Ethiopia, where he is seeking support for plans for Sanaag and Sool regions to establish an independent state, which is why he lost his parliamentary immunity.

Puntland’s parliament has earlier dismissed speaker Abdi hakim Dhobo after he was accused of interfering with the relationship between the government and parliament.

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