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President Bihi addresses Corona as nation has no facility to combat

Somaliland president has the first time addressed Coronavirus and steps his administration will take to staunch its spread. The virus which is rapidly spreading in the world affected some East African countries including Kenya and Ethiopia (shares border with Somaliland).

As a president of fragile and vulnerable poor country, Muse Biihi stated that his administration has fully prepared to prevent the virus, which is still a hard test for even the developed countries.

“We recruited a number of medical teams in order to prevent the disease. There’s no confirmed case in all regions. Hundreds of people entered from different borders in last days and we all tested them as negative” said Mr. Bihi.

Somaliland is one the poorest, unrecognised countries in the world. There’s no tangible and effective facilities across the country including professional nurses, equipped clinics, quarantine centres and so on. It’s alarming how such nation will deal with this Corona.

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