Puntland stops Somali Minister of Planning from opening office in Puntland

Garowe(SD)-The Government of Puntland has issued a decree stating that the Federal Government cannot open offices in Puntland.

The decision came after Somali Planning Minister and member of parliament for the lower house Jamal Mohamed Hassan opened a social relations office in Sanaag region.

Minister Jamal has assisted Puntland authorities in taking control of some of the districts that Somaliland used to have presence.

Minister Jamal Hassan was also among a delegation of Somalia cabinet members who visited Puntland President in Bossaso, the delegation wanted to convince the regional administration not to support Jubaland.

The Sanag residence, who initially welcomed the opening of the constituency office have not reacted to Puntland’s reaction.

It could cause a rift between the Sanag locals and Puntland authorities, and it could drive them back in supporting Somaliland.

The federal Government of Somalia is yet to comment on the ban, and it’s not clear what their reaction will be.


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