Puntland Elders accuse Asli Maydi owner and doTERRA supplier of steeling million dollar Frankincense

Bossaso (SD) – Puntland elders and businessmen have recently complain about Frankincense stolen by Asli Meydi owner Barkhad Jibril Hasan.

According to the traditional leaders, Barkhad illegally took the Frankincense, adding the Resins Barkhad Jibril Hassan stole were in the millions.

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  1. A Court in Puntland has passed a verdict that Asil Maydi as legal owner of Frankincense and allowed its release to it’s owner.Neither the Somaliland government nor it’s elders has a role to play in this commercial transaction between the two parties. The elders in Puntland tend to think twice before arguing a case whose ruling is endorsed by their court.

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