Rival Togdher Communities begin meetings in Burao

Burao (SD) – A meeting between the traditional leaders of two Somaliland communities in Burao has begun today.

The conference was initially said to be non-political, but this morning the traditional heads at the event focused on the political proximity of these two communities, strengthening security and cohesion.

The Garhajis and Habarjelo communities of Togdher have long supported apposing political parties in Somaliland.

The meeting between the two communities in Burao comes at a time when the traditionally Kulmiye supporting Habarjelo is not sure their place in the ruling party.

Similarly, the Garhajis communities are also beginning to realize the opposition parties did very little to address the country’s issues, and further divided and politically weakened their community.

The Somaliland government is working behind the scene in ensuring the opposition don’t take over the meetings but is yet to come out for or against the meetings.

The meeting will be four days long and its anticipated that the communities will emerge with some sort of a non binding political agreements

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