Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s Party: The Federal Government of Somalia committed Treason

Mugadishu(SD)-Somalia’s Himilo party has issued a press release on the incident in which the Federal Government of Somalia barred the flight of former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to Kismayo, where he wanted to attend the inauguration of President Ahmed Mohamed Islam.

Himilo Party has condemned the action of Villa Somalia on the barred flight of Sheikh Sharif and his delegation, and per the country’s constitution, is deemed unlawful.

The party also accused the federal government of deliberately violating the provisional constitution of the country and committed treasonous act, calling on the leaders of the Federal Government of Somalia to refrain from violating the country’s  Laws and constitution.

The National Himilo party has made it clear that if the country’s leaders fail to uphold the laws and the country’s constitution, they will no longer be tolerated.

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