UCID Chairman: President Bihi is at odds with Somaliland

Hargeisa(SD)-UCID opposition leader Eng Faisal Ali Warabe says that President Muse Bihi and the nation of Somaliland are at odds and cannot look on while the country’s law to be violated.

The UCID Chairman Faisal said that at a award reception hosted by UCID, honoring the previous election committee whose tenure had run out.

Faisal Ali Warabe said all that President Muse remained as is stubborn and making the law as he wishis.

“If the election are not held, then the public will come together for dialogue, there is no functioning ministry in our country today, the president sees the country as his shop, which he illegally lost and got back after 26 years and that is not acceptable to the public”. said the UCID Chairman.

He also said that the dispute resolution efforts over electoral commission were directed to business and religious leaders, adding he doesn’t have any hope that the president will listen to them.

The opposition parties in Somaliland are just postponing their decisions on how to address the election issues and the presidents dictatorial rule, nation wide protests.


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