Somalia’s efforts to eliminate Somaliland’s Currency exposed

Hargeisa(SD)-Former Somaliland Minister of Finance and now a member of the Higher Education Committee, Yusuf Mohamed Abdi has spoken out against the ongoing efforts by the Somalia Government against Somaliland.

Specifically, the former Somaliland Minster addressed the Mogadishu Government’s attempts to hinder the economic independence of Somaliland.

“We are all know what the Somali government did with the DP world deal and the UAE’s investment in Somaliland. You all know they stood in the way of the donors of the world. You all know what did to the Hajj pilgrimage and the livestock issue, Today they are petitioning the United States, the United Kingdom, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to stop Somaliland’s money so we will use their money, therefore I’ll ask the Hamar government, stop your ill will towards Somaliland and respect the good will of it’s people .”said Yusuf Mohamed Abdi.

Both the Somalia and Somaliland government are yet to comment the issue of the Somaliland money yet.

Somaliland since it’s independence had among other things a Flag and a national currency.

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