Somali government postpones Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal’s seminar

Mogadishu(SD)-A prominent Somali religious scholar Sheikh Mohamed Umal was to hold a religious gathering in Mogadishu today, but the Somali government postponed it the last minute.

Sheikh’s lectures is said to be about natural disasters and how to deal with it, but on the other hand in recent hours there have been major divisions based on Sheikh’s previous sermons, some scholars have accused him of being one of the clerics who supports extremist views that the Al-Shabaab still believes.

Sheikh Abdulkadir Sheikh Mohamed Sowow, spokesman for the Council of Religious Leaders, called Sheikh Umal a person who promotes extremist ideology, which Sheikh Umal responed as “inaccurate.”

The federal government has appointed a committee to organize and hold Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal’s lectures in Mogadishu.

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